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Sales Enablement and Product Marketing Experts for Healthcare IT

We help healthcare IT companies leverage the value of their products and people.

Our goal is to leverage our 20+ years of expertise leading product teams, sales, and marketing efforts to help software and services companies be more effective and grow their businesses. The right product marketing and sales enablement strategies are the essential elements to your next level of success!


Unique Selling Propositions

Define practical benefits your products bring to your customers – how they will help and what customers will avoid by using them.

Sales Enablement Materials

Equip your teams with both internal and external tools to reinforce the value and benefits of your products.

Product Launches

Create collaborative plans that manage a new product or new release go-to-market strategy from the product teams all the way through your sales organizations to marketing messaging.

Demo Techniques

Create sales-focused demonstration strategies and teach product specialists or your “gurus” how to progress through each sales stage.

Content Marketing

Be the trusted voice to your market by publishing relevant, lead-generating content.

Marketing Campaigns

Define target markets, segment messaging, and create methods to engage your prospects using online and human resources to drive awareness, leads and sales opportunities.

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Whether you need an hour to talk strategy or a year to implement a sales enablement or product marketing program, we’ll be here for you. A simple conversation is the first start. We’re looking forward to meeting you!