30-Minute Demo Review and Coaching Session

Need an unbiased, but expert review of your software demonstration?
Have questions about how best to showcase the value of your system?
Need a live online practice session before your big demo that’s coming up?

This is a unique, live and interactive course where you can conduct a practice software demonstration online with a Demo Academy coach. You decide whether you want an interactive session or ask your coach to wait until the end for feedback. No matter your decision, your coach will provide observations and tips.  This is perfect if you have a big presentation coming up and need an unbiased, third-party to give you feedback.

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What to Expect

This will be a live online meeting between you and your coach. We call it a “course” because this session can count towards the Demo Academy’s Professional Software Demonstrator Certificate.  Here’s how the process works:

  • Once purchased, you and your coach will schedule a convenient time.
  • Audio and screenshare links will be available from within your course.
  • The session can include both screenshare and video sharing as needed.

As with all interactions, details about your product and selling situations will be kept confidential between you and your coach.  Please let your coach know if you would like us to sign an NDA prior to the session. 

Course Curriculum

  • Scheduling Your Session
    5 minutes
  • Demo and Coaching Session Background Assignment
    Text Based
  • Observation and Feedback Assignment
    Text Based

Your Course Includes

Live Online Interaction

Experience a live online meeting with an experienced healthcare IT software leader. Screenshare and video sharing are both available.

Value Selling Observations

Get feedback on the key points your coach took away from the demonstration and align with your intended demo plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Limit to 30 Minutes?
Alternative sessions are available if you know you demonstration is over 30 minutes. We offer 30 and 60 minute sessions. Visit the Demo Academy main page to make the best selection for your situation.
Will I Be on Video?

Do you want to be on video? The choice is yours. If you only wish to share screens for a slide deck or to present your software, that’s just fine. However, if you would like coaching on your actual presentation style, gestures, and mannerisms, then we can turn the video on. Your coach will at least say “hello” to you using the video option.

Can I Share More Than One Presentation?
Sure, time permitting. We’ll use the time up to the very last minute.
How Do You Handle Meeting Cancellations?
Our goal is to be here for you. If it becomes impossible to schedule a coaching session due to conflicts or circumstances, we will refund the session amount.
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