Start Strong Presentation Training

This unique training program gives on-site healthcare technology presenters a proven formula for beginning every demonstration. Increase your demo-to-sale close ratios and separate yourself from the competition by using the steps taught in this four session, self-paced training program.

Anyone who conducts live on-site software demonstrations must take this course!


Online Course Overview

The Start Strong online course is divided into five lessons – an introduction plus 4 teaching sessions – each sequential to the next. Lessons contain video tutorial, homework, and a chance to learn from current or past course participants. Best of all, the course can be completed at your own pace. Tackle it all in a two-hour sprint, make a day of it, or extend it over a couple weeks.  It’s your call.

Unlike many self-paced training programs, this course includes interactions with a real person, your coachYou’ll receive feedback on your submissions and get answers to your questions.

Check out the course curriculum, FAQs, and more details below.

Course Curriculum

  • Start Strong Introduction
    5 minutes
  • Homework – Introduce Yourself to Your Coach
  • Facebook Group Notice
    1 minutes
  • Start Strong Session #1
    14 minutes
  • Start Strong Session #1 Assignment
    Text Based
  • Start Strong Session #2
    14 minutes
  • Start Strong Session #2 Assignment
    Text Based
  • Start Strong Session #3
    14 minutes
  • Start Strong Session #3 Assignment
    Text Based
  • Start Strong Session #4
    15 minutes
  • Homework – Use the Process and Report Back
  • Start Strong Session – Course Submission
    1 minutes

Your Course Includes

Video Teaching Lessons

Step-by-step prescription for creating an engaging and effective software presentation framework.

Coach Review and Interaction

Get feedback from your coach and get advice on how to improve your own demonstration skills throughout the course.

1 Free 30-Minute Presentation Review Session

Conduct a live, online presentation with your coach as a dryrun for your next big software presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This is a self-paced learning course. You are free to take this course based on your availability.
How long do I have access to the course?
Unlimited. You can watch the videos and techniques explained as many times as you wish.
Can I have face-to-face interaction with the coach?
If needed, a video conference between you and your coach can be arranged. That’s no problem. Unfortunately, your coach will most likely not be able to meet with you in person unless you arrange for an on-site training workshop (not included in the online course purchase).
Does this course have any certificates?
Upon course completion, participants will earn a badge and course certificate. Participation in this course counts towards the Demo Academy’s Professional Software Demonstrator (PSD) credentials. Other courses will be required to be granted the “PSD-Certified” status.
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