The importance of setting up your email with a tracking mechanism is to ensure that you are notified when the recipient of your email read it. We get a lot of emails on a daily basis but we can’t simply respond to all of them, the same applies to our prospects and customers. Even if they love you, sometimes they just don’t have the time or capacity to reply to your email. What is important to understand is when they get that email, they have probably looked at it, but chances are they haven’t had the time to respond or it may not be the right timing for them to respond back immediately. The tracking tool is one that you absolutely have to have in place and you can get it from your existing CRM or your email program or even an extension in your browser that you are using. It helps you to track who reads the email that you have sent out.  It isn’t a part of the your marketing campaign, this is just to see who is reading your emails an/or who you should follow up with. At that point you can start a dialogue: you can follow up with them, and take some action knowing that they have at least received part of your message. What I do is make sure, even if you are part of a big team, talk with your digital marketing or your sales operations person and make sure you are able to track that emails that you are sending on individual basis. It will help you with your customer communication, whether it is following up on a meeting to do list or a follow up on a proposal, or even a follow up on a lead or a conversation that you might have had at a trade show. All of those things require and can benefit from knowing when someone read that email.

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