What is the purpose behind software demonstrations, product demos, and sales enablement? Is it just to make a sale or is it to create a long-lasting customer relationship?

We’re working on several projects and training that challenge companies to evaluate how they are doing product marketing and sales enablement – changing the focus from just closing the deal to a longer-term play. In so doing, we’ve come up with a few tips we thought we’d share with you.

First, look at yourself in the mirror and ask – why are we doing software demonstrations and sales presentations? Is it simply to get the contract signed or is it to establish and drive customer success?

Secondly, ask yourself if your software demonstrations effectively paint the picture of a successful installation – one that shows the real-world value to your buying audience.

And lastly, evaluate using software demonstrations with customers who have already purchased your software. It is an effective way to showcase best practices, give customers ideas about how to do things better, and share with them how new capabilities can enhance their use of the software.

As the business models for Healthcare IT companies shift to subscription and SaaS-based structures, it is critical that the entire pre-sales cycle – including software demonstrations – be leveraged to create long-term customer relationships.

So here’s the bottom line. The way you plan and execute software demonstrations will impact the path you have to high customer retention, high lifetime value, and satisfaction.

As always, if you need some folks to help you assess and improve your software demonstrations – especially in light of customer success – we are here to help!

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