I’m about to step into a conference with over 1500 companies exhibiting and nearly 45,000 attendees – that’s roughly the amount of the total population of Palm Springs for you California folks, Grapevine, Texas, or the city of Binghamton in upstate New York. No matter how you slice it, it’s a lot of people!

As I walk the halls of the halls of the exhibit hall, I’m certain to see a bunch of vendors who will have some very impressive statistics – 2 billion of this, 10 million of that, 895,000 of the other things. I challenge you all to take your big statistical numbers and make them relevant to your audience. To be relevant, they must align with your prospects daily reality. So, take the crazy big numbers you publish and break it down into something meaningful.

Did you know that in the last hour, $228,310 was billed through our network?

Did you know that we helped hospitals process $5.4 million in claims just yesterday?

Did you know that every minute, nearly $4,000 is processed through our network?

Now, these three sentences are saying the exact same thing as “we process $2B in claims each year” – but they make it more real. They set a context that folks can understand – something happens in a day, in an hour, in a minute. That resonates with folks. To have a huge number over the entire year misses the “real life” context for a lot of people.

So, if you have a big number printed on your fact sheet, break it down for your sales team so they can be relevant, real, to your prospects.

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