Wouldnt it be nice that every time you send an email campaign, someone would open it, click the link, fill out the form, and buy your product? That would be amazing, but most of the time the process doesn’t work that well. One of the things we will discuss today is how would you measure the engagement and gauge who is interested in your content and your product and your point of view even if they don’t click on the link or fill out a form. Here is what you do: In your next email campaign send out your email to the list of prospects and customers. Instead of just looking who has clicked the link, look to see who opened the email. In most email tracking programs, you would be able to see how many times that person or those individuals look at your email, If you are tracking that, scroll through the page and anyone who has opened your email more then 3 times, those folks were interested in your content. That means they have done more than just accidentally clicked through it. These folks who have opened the email 3 times or more, they are typically read the email content they are interested in it. They may not have the time or it may not be the right workflow for them to actually click the link and take that call to action. Make sure to look at those people who have opened your email more than 3 times and create an engagement plan either to follow up with them in an email or may be even a phone call. I hope it has been helpful and beneficial. Remember just because they didn’t click on your link doesn’t mean they are not interested, you may still have some valuable leads in that email campaign that you are overlooking.

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