We are excited to announce the launch of the Demo Academy for Healthcare IT sales teams. It is the first of its kind online resource for professionals who make a living demonstrating and selling software into the healthcare market. The online courses help refine demonstration skills and are great for veteran product demonstrators and those who are just starting out. They teach prescriptions for how to plan and execute software demonstrations in a way that will help progress the sales cycle – leading to revenue! The Demo Academy also offers 30 and 60 minute coaching sessions. Think of it as “practice time.” Too often, folks who are responsible for software demonstrations do not have the opportunity to do dry runs and practice demonstrations with others – espeically with folks who can give them candid feedback. We have been in their shoes, having done thousands of presentations to doctors, nureses, C-level executives over the years. Boy, it would have been great to have a resource to call to get a second opinion on how best to present to a specific audience. If you are an indivual who prides themselves on knowing your product and showing off your software, then beginning a path to The Demo Academy Certification is the next step in your career. If you are on a team, or lead a team of pre-sales software presenters, then ask us how we can customize online and in-person training workshops for your team. We’ll work together to define the goals and objectives that align with your sales targets. Then, we’ll build a rock-solid training program that will improve the effectiveness of your software presentations.