For the last 20 years, I have had an opportunity to work with subject matter experts and pre-sales product guru teams within Healthcare IT companies. There has been an ongoing debate – are we doing sale demonstrations?  Or, are we doing presentations?  In this video, we attempt to settle the debate about the role of product presenters in the process.

Independent of what your leadership may call it, whether it is a demonstration or a presentation or anything in between, the bottom line is that the presentation of that product is part of the sales process. Its only purpose is to highlight how the product can meet customers’ needs and to progress the sales conversations with the prospect. Help your prospect envision themselves using your product, showcase how efficiently and effectively it will meet their needs, and ultimately get them through to the next part of the consideration and the sales journey.

My recommendation is to drop the debate on what you call it, work with your sales teams to make sure that your presentation of the heatlhcare IT software is accomplishing the most important goal.

Need help connecting the dots between your software demonstrations and the sales process? Explore the cources or contact us about a workshop below.

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