In this discussion, we are continuing our exploration of competitive sales training and positioning best practice series for sales enablement and product marketing teams.. Thanks for joining us. What most companies fail to understand is that the type of competitive positioning and intel the sales team needs is different based on the sales stage. Now, I’m not going to give away all the secret sauce here, but I will share with you a few critical points any marketing team or sales enablement team should consider when embarking on a competitive positioning project. First, the team tasked with the project should understand the sales stages through which their sales team manages their sales process. The sales CRM and sales leadership should have these stages defined, at least at a high level. Secondly, begin brainstorming on what type of competitive insights would be valuable in each of the sales stages to help progress the sale to the next sales stage. Lastly, create positioning statements – simple statements – that reflect your difference and advantage over competitors. As the sales stages progress, the competitive positioning may get more granular and become more product capability focused. If you have not already done so, check out our discussion on the three aspects of competitive positioning to help make sure you consider the right variables. In conclusion today, your organization will be further ahead in competitive positioning just by realizing that the type of competitive insights and level of detail vary depending on sales stage. Reach out to us at Show and Tell Health to discuss workshops or gain our assistance in kicking-off your next competitive intel project.
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