Thanks for joining the Show and Tell Health sales enablement and product marketing discussion today for Healthcare IT sales. Our topic is competitive positioning for sales training and marketing purposes.

There are three aspects of competitive positioning that both marketing teams and sales team need to understand.

#1 – Organizational Differences

#2 – Product or service portfolio differences

#3 – Product capability differences

Let me quickly give you some tips to consider. And, if you find these helpful, contact us to discuss how we can conduct a competitive positioning workshop with your team.

Organizational Advantages

The first aspect to consider is how your organization is different from other companies in your space. Here’s where your mission, values, history, and overall company brand comes into play.

Portfolio Advantages

The second aspect is the difference in your product or service portfolios. If you have multiple lines of business that support your company’s overarching mission, then it is wise to leverage the value of your entire portfolio when comparing your company with others.

Product Capability Advantages

And, lastly, you must understand how your product capabilities differ from your competition. Remember to consider items like workflows, user experience, speed, as well as features your solution has that others do not.

It is not good to focus on only one of these aspects I covered today. It is tempting at times to focus on just the product capabilities and neglect the value of the company at large. It is equally tempting, especially for companies going through rebranding, to focus too much on the big brand story and neglect the competitive differentiation on product capabilities and user experience. It is ultimately the combined strength of your competitive differences across these areas that will yield a powerful story and make a big difference in how your prospects and clients see you.

We would love to dive deeper into this topic with you. Drop us an email or give us a call if you would like to discuss training workshops for competitive positioning.