If you are doing email prospecting, here is an easy and effective three-step process you can use to not only earn credibility but also generate better leads.

The first step is to be helpful.

Create an email that is helpful to the person you are sending it to. Don’t try to be promotional. Send them something that will help them do their job better – something related to pain point they might be experiencing. For instance, if working with a CIO, share an interesting fact about cybersecurity or data exchange. Perhaps include a link to a recent article published by a trusted technology publisher. Or, send them a tip you learned from another CIO you work closely with. As you close the email, do not include a call to action. Just say “I hope this information has been helpful.”

The second step to show value.

Create a follow-up email that shares some additional insights about the value people are receiving from solving the problem. In the CIO example of data exchange, it could be something like “CIOs are finding that successful data sharing with their ambulatory medical groups is exponentially faster…” using a certain technique. As you close the email, create a call to action that will begin to indicate they too might be suffering from the same issue. A good way to do that might be to include a link to a case study or to a website tool, even a calculator.

The third and final step is to tell them how you can help them solve the problem.

Create a follow-up email that discusses your solution to the problem. Include a brief description of the solution, key proof points, and a place they can easily go to get information. As a primary call to action, I suggest driving to phone or in-person discussion for your next steps.

The ideal way to leverage this 3-email campaign structure is to send the first email. Those who open the first email are sent the second email. Then, those who open the second email are sent the third email. Those in your campaign list who open the third email are better-qualified leads. Those who not only open but click assets throughout the campaign are even better!

By applying this strategy to your next email process, you’ll earn credibility and drive higher qualified leads into your pipeline.

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